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Teneshia Phillips is an entrepreneur that has perfected the craft of moving in silence. She is focused on making an impact over being an “influencer.”


Teneshia is the CEO of TP Management Group, an agency specializing in business establishment and development. Nicknamed “The Purpose Pusher,” Teneshia has been instrumental in facilitating the success of several well-known brands.

A true believer in collaboration over competition, Teneshia is also the Co-host of The Girls Talk segment of A Woman’s Experience Podcast.

She is also the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Fearless Life Magazine. FLM is a faith-based magazine that uplifts and enlightens individuals to live empowered lives by focusing on faith, family life, finances, fitness, mental health, and entrepreneurship.

Teneshia’s journey to entrepreneurship has not been traditional in any sense. After obtaining her degree, she worked towards retirement as a social worker/compliance officer within the State government. However, pain and an autoimmune disease diagnosis pushed her out of the workforce and into her God-ordained purpose of encouraging and helping others pursue entrepreneurship.

Today, Teneshia is a certified Life, Business, and Entrepreneur Coach.

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